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Work matches beauty and comfort

Feeling beautiful and comfortable during your professional routine is possible. In our Summer 2020 collection, women can find a special line, with all the design and technology of the brand's models, in the appropriate colors for every work environment.

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Technology and Comfort

Flex Wave

Brings smoothness to walking with its super flexible sole. It is an extra comfort dose.

Dual Soft

It results in a shoe that is easy to put on and on a comfortable walking. The main feature is its shock absorber that relieves pressure while walking. The half platform on the front means you can walk in heels without all the friction.

Soft Gel

Super soft, the main feature is the drop of TR Gel in the heel. This technology helps better spread weight while walking, offering exceptional comfort.

Air Flex

Inspired by athletic shoes, this technology features a nitrogen bubble in the sole, which cushions impact while walking.

Super Fit

Its details in lycra, present in strategic points of the footwear, result in a perfect fit of the foot. It also features a smooth, pressure-free walk. This is the perfect option for women who have sensitive joints.

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